Welcome to my new blog,  the Forkin’ Flambéed Foodie. I love to cook, no surprise since I also love to eat, drink, and socialize with friends and family. Like many of you, I’ve got a mile-long list of recipes to try, techniques to learn, and weird-looking exotic veggies in the produce aisle to sink my teeth into. This year my goal is to cross one of those things off the list each week and then blog about it here, complete with recipes, instructions, and the truth about how things turn out.  There will be bonus posts too, where I’ll share favorite or special occasion dishes, talk about fun new gadgets, or give you the scoop on the latest restaurants I’ve chowed down in.


Why Forkin’ Flambéed Foodie, you ask? Well, I’m hoping the name tells folks what to expect from this foodie: food, fun, and a forkin’ good time! Flambé means to pour liquor over and ignite, and that could also describe Girls Night with my friends, usually minus the fire.  🙂

Anyway,  I plan to do a couple of actual flambéed dishes along with a little bit of everything from main courses to dessert, from appetizers to cocktails. Since I can’t eat certain things, I’m going to adapt a few recipes to fit my diet, but I’ll list variations for most recipes so everyone can enjoy them. Don’t let that give you the wrong impression about me because I’m not at all picky and I absolutely love trying new dishes. I’m a lacto-intolerant pescatarian, which basically means I’m allergic to dairy (milk and cheese from cows make me really sick, but I can eat goat cheese), don’t eat meat, but DO eat fish and seafood.  While you won’t find any cheddar steak recipes here, there will be variations for meat and cheese lovers. My focus isn’t on super-healthy hippy food, so I don’t plan to use much tofu (although it’s delicious when cooked right) and such in the recipes I post here because I don’t want to scare anybody off.

I’ve never had any special culinary training, just so you know, but I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent whipping things up in the kitchen. Some of my original recipes appear in novels and have had great feedback.

Bottom line is that if you love food, you’ll enjoy the hell out of this blog.